Bad Credit Loans

Do you need to borrow a loan but you have poor credit history? Loans for bad credit are designed for those who have poor credit ratings. At our website, you will be able to borrow a loan which you wouldn’t otherwise be able due to your bad credit history. If you actually have bad credit ratings, it is possible to rebuild your credit status by repaying on time.

Why choose bad credit loans at Loans 2U

  • We have an easy and fast to use online application that will cause no impact to your credit score. Our service allows you to review different loan offers you qualify for thus you will not need to visit any branch for application
  • We have a flexible financial tool that will enable you to easily achieve all your financial goals
  • All our loans features a fixed rate and there are no hidden fees
  • Our service allows you to repay your loan on time thus doing away with future interest payments

Poor credit ratings are stubbing blocks to you since you are viewed as someone who will be unable to repay the loan. If you are a homeowner who has history of poor credit ratings, we recommend you to take a secured loan rather than personal loan. This is because a secured loan will allow you to borrow more, repayment term is usually longer and eligibility criteria is less rigorous compared to  personal loan.

Before you apply for loans for bad credit, you should first check your credit report. If in case you have not yet repaid all debts, it is a good idea to clear the debts and this will rebuild your credit ratings. Even if your credit is not good, we are ready to answer your information and queries. Our priority is to ensure that you have got the best source of loan in the shortest time. In terms of privacy, we will handle your data in the most confidential manner.  We offer a fast approval process since we believe that your need is urgent.

Why you should choose Loans 2U for bad credit loans

  • We offer great alternatives
  • Our service has competitive rates
  • You will get quick approval
  • There is credit check needed
  • We offer an easy application process
  • We are genuine online lenders
  • Our website is 100% secure
  • Compared to financial institutions, we offer a flexible lending criteria

If the agreed repayment date is due and you have no idea of how to pay, you should contact us and inform us about your concern. If in case you fail to repay on time, our senior manager will contact you by email or phone.  If payments remain unsettled for long, we will be forced to inform the third party collection agency.

In case of non-payment situations, you should contact us and we will ease your problems. You can use no credit check payday loans to pay school fees, buy birthday gifts or pay overdue bills. At Loans 2U, we are always at your service