Payday loans: some of the best payday lenders

There has been a recent boom in short-term payday lenders, due to their popularity in helping borrowers pay for unexpected bills or charges. As such, it can be difficult to decide which lender to go for. There is an abundance of companies that can offer you a short-term loan. Here we have just a few:

Sunny loans offer flexible payday loans, and give you greater control over the money you wish to borrow. They offer loans from £100 to £2,500, and will only lend you the money if they believe you will be able to pay it back to them in the required amount of time. Their terms and interest rates will change in accordance with the amount of money you need to borrow. They reiterate the point that short-term loans are not suitable for long term, extended borrowing, as this can lead to severe problems with finances. Sunny loans allow you to pay early if you can, meaning you’ll pay less on interest. You can do this via one-off, additional payments, or you can also choose a flexible overpayment plan. It’s easy to take out a short-term loan with Sunny, and you can get a quote for a repayment plan in a matter of minutes.

Cashfloat describes itself as a “responsible lender”, and offers all visitors to the website the opportunity to visit the official money advice service website, which can offer crucial advice to individuals who may have problems with keeping their finances in order. They developed the Responsible Lending Policy, to ensure they offer their customers fair treatment when organising a short-term loan. They offer financial relief through payday loans in times of “temporary financial shortage”. They only lend up to £1,100 and offer great advice at being able to pay back your loan.

WageMe is a London based company, and they operate exclusively online, meaning the application process is quick and simple, provided you have access to a computer and the Internet! They offer their loans with a maximum of one-month repayment duration. They encourage customers to make quick repayments, to give them a better credit score, rather than allowing their credit to grow out of control. For this reason, they may reject your initial claim for a payday loan, but will make a fair assessment of all claims before making a decision. Customers of WageMe can choose the exact amount they want to be loaned on a short-term basis, and can also choose the amount of time they wish to be given to repay it. They aren’t required to take out a fixed loan and pay back money for longer than they need to, potentially reducing the amount of interest they will eventually have to pay back. Without the inclusion of paperwork and time consuming meetings, taking out a payday loan with WageMe is quick, simple and stress free.

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